Young Gun: Albert Tu'ua
Shanice Desilva
Wednesday, May 01, 2019

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  1. Lineage: John Scida
    23 May, 2019
    Lineage: John Scida
    As we dive into the May Edition of our Lineage Series, we invite our readers and followers to journey back to the 70’s and 80’s with us. A simpler time for martial artists across the Nation, when fight show posters were stapled to every sign post in your local area and word of mouth was the best way to spread the news. A sentimental time when Dojo’s and Gym’s closely resembled brotherhood and family, to a fuller extent than what is generally seen today. With the recent release of Cobra Kai
  2. Reagan on the Rise
    30 Apr, 2019
    Reagan on the Rise
    In a special feature this month, we showcase the story of Reagan Dessaix, a local Professional Boxer from Queensland (as featured in TFV Edition III). Training since 2001, the now 22-year-old fighter has dedicated the larger portion of his life to Boxing and has his sights set on a busy 2019. Reagan spoke with TFV about the early days of his journey as a Boxer and some of the goals he has set out to achieve within the sport. With an important fight for his career lined up before him, Reagan is
  3. LINEAGE: The Story of Paul Demicoli
    16 Apr, 2019
    LINEAGE: The Story of Paul Demicoli
    In the April Edition of our Lineage Series, we offer a glimpse into the world of Paul Demicoli, the man behind Eruption Muay Thai. Whether young or old, TFV’s LINEAGE Series stands as a reminder to not only acknowledge but understand what and who paved the way, before today’s fighters. In Australian Muay Thai, there is decades of history among Promoters, Fighters and Trainers that goes well before the generation of names in the sport we are learning of today. It is our honour to uncover the many